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Tree Services in Cocoa, FL

Trees are some of the most noticeable features of a well-cared for home. They provide the homeowner with much-needed foliage and shade. While many Cocoa Beach homeowners do not realize it, trees require much attention to thrive. Neglected trees in Cocoa Beach can cause any number of issues, and in some cases putting the homeowners’ safety at risk. Tree Service Express provides numerous tree services ranging from routine thinning and trimming to full removal. Anything and everything related to trees, we handle.

Stump Grinding

Homeowners’ are often left with unsightly stumps following the removal of a tree. In many cases, due to their invasive roots, these stumps can sprout. These stumps can be extremely difficult to remove. Although some homeowners try to remove the stump on their own, they are impossible to pull out due to the long roots.

Stump grinding is done to remove the stump completely and stop the roots from growing any further. This removal can be completed in tight areas, letting homeowners reclaim their space. Tree Service Express will utilize heavy equipment in to ensure the entire stump is removed from the ground’s surface. This stops the roots from below the surface from sprouting and forming a new tree. The roots will decompose eventually. A stump grinder will chip away at the stump, leaving a surface that can be covered with fresh green grass or foliage. In many cases, the process can be made green friendly by using the grinds for mulch.

Dead Wooding

The process of dead wooding involves the removal of dying, diseased, and dead trees or branches from your Cocoa Beach property. Dead wooding helps a tree to maintain its overall durability and grow properly. Although a tree might be healthy, individual branches of the tree can decay and die off. Moreover, single branches can experience diseases that have not spread to the rest of the tree. To encourage healing and prevent the spread of the disease, arborists can remove those branches. This process often occurs during thinning.

Tree Service Express has the skills and experience needed to access branches and determine which one must go. They will make cuts to the damaged or dead branches in a way that improves the health of the tree. The chances of bug infestation are also reduced by removing these branches. Bugs are frequently attracted to dying branches, many times spreading through the tree.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming is an important part of keeping a tree safe and healthy. Trees can easily overgrow, becoming unappealing and hazardous. Trimming helps to remove any branches that may be hazardous and improve the tree’s appearance.

The professionals at Tree Service Express are familiar with native Florida trees found in Cocoa Beach and the surrounding areas. Our experts know how to spot pests and disease common to our Florida plants. Experienced arborists will trim and prune a Florida tree in a way that encourages healthy growth. They have the knowledge required and can cut trees to ensure that it responds well. This is accomplished by not reducing the top but by reducing the crown of the tree.

The professionals here at Tree Service Express have seen the disease that can be the direct result from improper pruning and trimming techniques frequently performed by inexperienced companies. Trees can easily become infested with bugs and decayed without proper pruning. Many homeowners in Cocoa Beach have experienced the loss of precious, valuable trees because of improper trimming practices. Professionals will ensure that this does not happen, cutting branches to ISA standards as well as improving its overall structural integrity. Eventually, after pruning, the tree will look much better and will continue to grow in a healthy fashion.

To protect structural elements of the home as well as the tree when trimming and pruning, we take special safety precautions. Homeowners in Cocoa Beach can be assured that Tree Service Express will perform our tree service professionally and safely.

Tree Removal

Tree removal around structure and people can be very dangerous. A professional arborist is needed to maintain safety for both surrounding property and people. Cocoa Beach homeowners should never attempt to remove a tree on their own, as they risk personal injury and harm to the home.

Arborists have the skills needed to effectively and safely remove a tree while following strict safety standards. Tree removal requires both experience and skill. It is not as easy as cutting the tree down from the trunk. Rather, Tree Service Express will utilize heavy ropes and pulleys or machinery to remove the tree safely in the event of tight working space.

Moreover, we here at Tree Service Express have insurance in place to protect both the workers and the home in the case of an unfortunate event. All the same, our professionals work safely at all times to ensure that tree removal goes smoothly. After the removal of the tree, we will haul any debris away. We keep the lawn as well as the surrounding area in order while performing the job and upon completion.

Storm Damage Prevention

Florida is known for its hurricanes and severe thunderstorms that consist of strong winds. The first to cause damage are often trees. Neglected trees can easily fall down onto structure causing major damage.

It is crucial for Cocoa Beach homeowners to prepare their trees for the worst storms. This prevents big cleanups and costly damage after a storm. To determine the safety of their trees, homeowners can get help from professionals. Tree Service Express will thoroughly examine the trees, making important recommendations for storm preparation. To maintain structural integrity, we may recommend that the tree be thinned and uplifted.

Tree Service Express recognizes how trees react in a storm based on its structure. Our experts are able to spot problem branches and areas that could be hazardous in a storm.

To learn more about our Cocoa Beach, Florida option, give us a call today!