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Tree Services in Rockledge, Florida

At Tree Service Express, we service several areas of Brevard County, including Rockledge. Our company focuses on offering the best tree service options, from tree pruning to removal and more. Our technicians are well-versed in tree services, ready to ensure your home or business trees are in excellent condition. As a complete tree service company, we offer pruning, tree trimming, and tree removal, working quickly to clean up and service your property. Additional service options we provide include stump grinding, storm damage prevention, and clean up as well as property cleanup among other services!

Any Size Job

Our company works with both residential and commercial customers in Rockledge, focusing on providing essential tree servicing options. There is no job that is too small or too large for us to handle. We have the equipment and knowledge to handle any situation, taking care of the job in a quick and efficient manner.

If you have a medium sized tree near your home that needs pruning, trimming or completely removed, we can help. Large trees can be examined for removal as well as old stumps pulled out and the area cleaned. Whether you have a massive property that requires hours of trimming and pruning or one tree that needs servicing, we can help! Our equipment is top quality, allowing us to go into any type of situation ready to serve.

Hazardous Situations

As a home or business owner, it is not uncommon to have a tree that poses a threat to your property. This could be a large tree that might fall on your home after a big storm or a tree that’s roots are starting to encroach on your home’s foundation. Whatever the case may be, we can help. A hazardous or awkward tree removal situation requires expert assistance. Large tree removal is very dangerous and needs to be completed by someone who knows what to do and how to handle any situation.

An inexperienced crew can create more problems, even damaging the home or themselves. The proper heavy equipment must be used to ensure the tree is removed without damage to the home or those involved in the removal. At Tree Service Express, we specialize in removing large trees in difficult situations. We have liability insurance in place to cover every job we do, ensuring that your home is protected.

Let us take care of your dangerous or awkward situations by allowing our experts to come in and service your tree needs.

Tree Trimming Services

In Brevard County, we offer several service options including tree trimming. It is essential that any trimming of your trees is completed by a crew that is ISA certified arborists. Trimming a tree may seem easy but is a serious situation. The way a tree is trimmed is important when compared to how the tree grows. A tree that is not trimmed properly can lead to having issues, including imbalance or an unnatural growth pattern.

When such issues exist, the limb structure of the tree becomes weak and the risk that limbs will break and fall, possibly on to your home, will increase. At Tree Service Express, we offer a free tree service quote to get you started. We can review the trees on your property and provide a quality estimate so you can see just how much the service will cost and how it will help your property.

Tree Removal

Whether you own a home or business, there may come a time when you need a tree to be removed. The tree may be dead and seemingly about to fall on your property or you may need to remove a tree that is starting to show roots under your foundation. Whatever the case may be, we can help with tree removal, no matter how large or small the tree.

Our team has the equipment as well as experience and skill to remove trees from your property. Our professionals can review the tree that needs to be removed and determine if a crane is needed or what other type of equipment might help. We have vast experience in removing trees from Rockledge including giant oak trees in backyards, large trees beside the home and much more.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been removed from your property, a stump may be left behind. If you wish for the stump to be removed, we can provide a stump grinding service. We consider stump grinding to be a crucial step in the tree removal process. However, other contractors do not. If you have worked with another company for tree removal and have been left with an unsightly stump, we can remove it for you.

The process of removing the stump includes a large machine that has a serrated blade. The blade will spin and grind the stump down, acting similarly to a wood chipper. The stump will not be physically removed from the ground, so that area around the stump is not disturbed. With grinding, stumps in unusual or tight situations can be removed with ease, plus the process is much more affordable than other methods!

Storm Damage Cleanup

In Flordia, storms and hurricanes are prevalent. Unfortunately for property owners, this means storm damage. When your property has been affected by storm damage and trees are down, we can provide clean up. Trees that fall during a storm need to be cleaned up quickly to avoid further damage or injury.

Our team can easily assess the damage to your property and provide a cleanup estimate. The fallen material will be removed and any salvageable trees will be checked for health as well as risk in the future due to storms.

At Tree Service Express, we are here for you. Let our team assist you will all your tree service needs. We cover the spectrum so that you have access to the service options needed to ensure your home or business looks its very best and is safe regarding the trees on site.

Give us a call today to learn more about our Rockledge, Florida service options!