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Tree Service Express, Inc. is Licensed and Insured

We carry a 2 Million Dollar G.L. policy to protect your property in the unlikely event that any damage occurs while we are working on your trees.

We also carry Workers Compensation. This is insurance that, unfortunately, not many Tree Services in the area carry due to the expense. It is very costly insurance but very necessary. Most property owners do not realize that if they contract a tree service to do work on their property and do not get confirmation of current and active workers compensation coverage, and a worker is injured while on their property, then they, the home owner become liable and can be sued or a lean put on their home by the injured tree worker. The tree company can also be charged for not having it (see below)

Protect yourself! Demand to see current proof of active WORKERS COMPENSATION INSURANCE.


Jacksonville, Fla. Tree Service Business Owner Charged with Workers' Comp Fraud