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Is it time to remove a tree from my property?

Although trees can bring a lot of beauty and benefit to your residential or commercial properties, there could come a time when the tree needs to be removed. If you’re a homeowner you may have had the tree on your property for a long time, maybe the entire time you lived there or even planted it when you first moved in and have watched it grow over the years. It can be more difficult than you’d think to let go of a tree. When you...

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Importance of Tree Trimming

Imagine walking in or out of your home and noticing a few of the trees on your property need to be trimmed. You make a mental note of this and are thinking of doing the cutting yourself, should you trim the trees on your property without the help of a professional? We strongly recommend having your trees trimmed and pruned by the likes of trained professionals, preferably a company that has a skillful and knowledgeable ISA Certified Arborist...

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Trees & Property Value: What You Need to Know

Whether you are looking to sell your home or are a seasoned owner who’s looking to increase the property value of your home, it’s important to know that trees can either increase or decrease the value of your property. In that sense, the old saying “money doesn’t grow on trees”, comes to mind, because trees can actually serve you as an investment or a wallet draining headache. How Trees Can Increase Property Value...

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How To Prepare Your Trees For A Hurricane

Brevard County, Florida is typically lucky when it comes to hurricanes. We may experience strong winds, but extensive hurricane damage is something residents are often saved from. However, hurricane preparation is still necessary, and prepping your yard and trees is an important part. Unfortunately, the yards and trees are often done last minute or done incorrectly. You can change all of this and here is how. Check Your Gutters The first thing...

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What's Wrong With My Palm Tree?

If you're palm tree is drooping, yellow or off color, you may be asking yourself "What's wrong with my palm tree?" There are many causes for sick palm trees like climate, nutrient deficiency and even insects or pests. While a variety of palm trees can do well without any sort of maintenance, it’s not uncommon for your trees to need a health check up from a certified arborist. Before we get into what can cause your palm trees to become...

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