Common Tree Trimming & Pruning Mistakes

Common Tree Trimming & Pruning Mistakes

Do you have a tree on your property you think is in bad condition due to mistakes made while trimming? Perhaps, you ‘went out on a limb’ and took a chance trimming a tree on your property. You may have even hired a tree service company that used improper trimming and pruning techniques. This happens a lot more often than it should. Luckily, the experts of Tree Service Express can come out and assess the results and damage and advise on the next best step for your tree.

Trimming and pruning are important aspects of tree care and maintenance, when done incorrectly it can have a serious impact on overall tree health and in some cases can create a tree hazard. Using a professional tree service company that has a Certified Arborist is always best, but we understand that some homeowners like to take on the challenge of tree trimming and pruning or even hired a company in Brevard County, Florida they thought were experts and later discovered that wasn’t the case.

3 Common Tree Trimming Mistakes

1. Trimming Just Any Branch - You take a look at the tree and pick out the branches that appear sparse and dead and decide those are obviously the ones to cut. However, there is a science behind trimming & pruning. When making decisions on choosing a limb or a branch to trim, you should have knowledge on:

- Location of the branch
- How much exactly to trim away
- How to trim - angle of the cut, type of branch
- Which tools to use and how to cut

You can damage the tree's health unintentionally by targeting the wrong branch or trimming at the improper time. A professional tree care company can assess the tree and know exactly what to do. Cutting the wrong limb or branch in the wrong place can damage the tree's ability to make food and throw it out of balance. An improper cut can also damage the tree leaving it vulnerable to infection or disease.

2. Over Trimming - Ideally, cutting 5-10% of total foliage producing limbs is the goal. Should you or an unskilled worker go beyond that it could seriously hinder the tree’s ability to grow, heal, absorb sunlight and produce food. It can also lead to limb/branch death which not only looks bad but can create a deadly and costly hazard. A dead branch is a hazard because it’s at risk of falling and damaging whatever lies in its path whether it be a vehicle, part of the home or a person.

3. Tree Topping - Tree topping is a method/technique used by inexperienced tree service companies and simply put, it harms trees. It’s a method that indiscriminately removes branches from the crown and will leave the tree with eye sores with stubby branches. When branches are cut without regard to the tree health or nearby lateral systems it will result in and promote branch decay. The damage can be so severe it can inevitably lead to tree death. Tree topping and crown reduction are two very different things. Crown reduction involves the removal of major branches that are dying, dead or diseased, not just any major branch. This is typically only considered when there is severe storm damage, the tree is sick and suffering from dieback or the branches lie close to power lines.

We understand it's hard to find a company to trust with the job of cutting, trimming or removing trees from your residential or commercial property in Brevard County, Florida. Take a look around our website, at our various services, our 5-star Google reviews and our A+ rating with the BBB. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.