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Tree Elevations

Tree Limb Removal with Crane

Elevation- Removing the lowest-hanging branches.

Removing the lowest-hanging branches. As there are a few reasons why you need to elevate your tree(s), the importance of an elevation is to help keep your tree(s) healthy. When you have lower hanging branches that can easily get hit by something, it can cause it to break off. When it breaks off, it doesn't allow the tree to heal properly potentially causing an invite for disease, decay and or insects.
The reason behind tree elevation isn't only for the health of the tree, it is also to help with clearance. Whether it's for foot traffic, vehicles, structures, or for esthetics/landscaping.
It is important when you get your tree(s) elevated that you hire experts such as Tree Service Express, INC. They will understand how to read the tree(s), assuring ANSI 300 guidelines are followed, and making sure the correct amount is removed to accomplish your purpose for your tree(s).

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