The Dangers of Planting Trees Too Close to Your HomeThe Dangers of Planting Trees Too Close to Your Home

The Dangers of Planting Trees Too Close to Your HomeThe Dangers of Planting Trees Too Close to Your Home

Trees can make all the difference on your property for a multitude of reasons, both good and bad. Residents of Brevard County, Florida know trees can provide shade on hot summer days, boost the curb appeal of your home, and unfortunately, become a hazard during severe weather, like hurricanes.

You may be considering planting a tree if you are selling your home or perhaps you just moved into a new home and want to customize the landscape to your likings. As mentioned above trees can beautify your outdoor living space or provide shade to people outdoors, especially children who like to play outside.

Before you start digging, or hire a company, you’ll want to do some planning:

Think Ahead - Planning is key, you’ll want to consider how big the tree will get when it's full grown. Be sure to not plant trees in any potentially hazardous places, like close to the house, below power lines, etc. If your home has solar panels, be sure the tree won’t block the solar panels as it grows.

Choose High Quality Trees - A tree is an investment, so it will benefit you greatly to take the time doing thorough research on whichever tree or palm tree you choose. Paying an expensive price for a high-quality tree can pay off in the long run. The tree should be healthy and come from a reputable supplier.

Allow Adequate Room for Root Growth - This is vital. Depending on the type of tree you choose, you must consider the size of the roots. You don’t want to plant any trees too close to your home. You also don’t want to plant a tree too close to the sidewalks surrounding your property. A large sturdy tree needs room for root growth, sidewalks and home foundations can be damaged and act as barriers in root growth which can cause the roots to turn and twist as they grow. Some trees will be affected by turns and twists in the root system and it can lower the trees stability, this could go very wrong for homeowners during hurricane season. 

Plant in Groups if Possible - Trees planted in groups can be better protected during severe weather. Additionally, it's a better practice to plant trees or shrubs with similar growth requirements to be planted together. Trees and shrubs planted together can create a beautiful focal point on your Brevard County, Florida property. 

Placement Matters - Strategically planted trees can assist in naturally cooling your home in summer or keeping it warm during the winter. A good rule of thumb is to plant deciduous trees on the south, east and west sides of a house to cast shade during the hot summer months, while also allowing warming in winter. A house that has trees offering shade can even help in keeping cooling costs lower, your HVAC systems outdoor compressor/condenser unit can use less energy when it is shaded from direct sunlight throughout the day.

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